2002- Toyota Forklift Distributor 190307815471

2002-  Toyota Forklift Distributor 190307815471
Item# ignition-system-distributor-toyota-DIST-190307815471
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Product Description

Part Number 19030-78154-71
OE Number 190307815471
DescriptionToyota Forklift Distributor
Other Numbers 19030-96150, 19030-78154-71, 19030-78151, 19030-78151-71, 19030-78150, 19030-78150-71, 19030-96150, 19030-78154-71, 19030-78151, 19030-78151-71, 19030-78150, 19030-78150-71, 1903096150, 190307815471, 1903078151, 190307815171, 1903078150, 190307815071
Toyota 2TG20, 2TG25, 02-7FGF30, 02-7FGJF35, 30-8FG10, 30-8FG15, 30-8FG20, 30-8FG25, 30-8FG30, 30-8FGJ35, 32-8FG10, 32-8FG15, 32-8FG18, 32-8FG20, 32-8FG25, 32-8FG30, 32-8FGJ35, 32-8FGK20, 32-8FGK25, 32-8FGK30, 40-5FG10, 40-5FG14, 40-5FG15, 40-5FG18, 42-5FG10, 42-5FG14, 42-5FG15, 42-5FG18, 40-5FG20, 40-5FG23, 40-5FG25, 42-5FG20, 42-5FG23, 42-5FG25, 02-5FG28, 02-5FG30, 04-5FG28, 04-5FG30, 5FG28, 5FG30, 5FGC10, 5FGC13, 5FGC15, 5FGC18, 5FGC20, 5FGC23, 5FGC25, 5FGC28, 5FGC30, 40-6FG10, 40-6FG14, 40-6FG15, 40-6FG18, 42-6FG10, 42-6FG14, 42-6FG15, 42-6FG18, 40-6FG20, 40-6FG23, 40-6FG25, 42-6FG20, 42-6FG23, 42-6FG25, 02-6FG28, 02-6FG30, 6FG28, 6FG30, 02-2TG20, 02-2TG25, 2TG20, 2TG25, 40-5FGF15, 40-5FGF18, 42-5FGF15, 42-5FGF18, 40-5FGF20, 42-5FGF20, 42-5FGU10, 42-5FGU15, 42-5FGU18, 42-5FGU20, 42-5FGU25, 02-5FGU30, 5FGCU10, 5FGCU13, 5FGCU15, 5FGCU18, 5FGCU20, 5FGCU25, 02-5FGF30, 42-6FGA20, 42-6FGA25, 02-6FGA30, 42-6FGF15, 42-6FGF18, 42-6FGF20, 42-6FGF25, 02-6FGF30, 42-6FGU15, 42-6FGU18, 42-6FGU20, 42-6FGU25, 02-6FGU30, 42-6FGCU15, 42-6FGCU18, 42-6FGCU20, 42-6FGCU25, 42-6FGCU30, 42-7FGK20, 42-7FGK25, 42-7FGF15, 42-7FGF18, 42-7FGF20, 42-7FGF25, 7FG30, 7FGJ35, 7FGK30, 7FGCU20, 7FGCU20-ECS, 7FGCU25, 7FGCU25-ECS
Condition Rebuilt

Does not come with Rotor and Cap


2002- Toyota 7FG30 Forklift

Core Charge

There is a $30.00 core charge which has been included in the price, it means if you DO NOT have or will not send us the original part, we will not refund the core charge. You will be charged at the time of purchase, and will be fully refunded once your old re-build able core is received.


This part comes with ONE YEAR unlimited mileage warranty.