1982- Perkins Agricultural TA3107 Turbo 465778-0018

1982- Perkins Agricultural TA3107 Turbo 465778-0018
Item# turbo-agricultural-perkins-TC-4657785018S
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Product Description

Part Number465778-5018S
Previous Version465778-0018, 465778-18
OE number2674398, 02/101820, 7W2584
CHRA409172-0046 (409172-9046S, 409172-0016, 409172-0037, 409172-0026, 409172-0045) $300.00 NEW IN STOCK, MADE IN USA
Turbo Model TA3107
Displacement3.9L, 3900 ccm, 4 Cylinders
RPM Max2200
Caterpillar7W2573, 7W-2573
Engine Type AA018742, A018893, A018895, A018902, A018912, A018913, A018937, A018981, A018991, A018999, A019000, A019018, A019032, A019090, A019138, A019150, A019151, A019155, A019160, A019192, A019223, A019250, A019251, A019252, A019282, A019375, A019395, A019454, A019526, A019549, A019550, A019560, A019568, A019591, A019595, A019610, A019611, A019623, A019626, A019627, A019660, A019669, A019672, A019696, A019697, A019709, A019721, A019764, A019771, A019772, A019779, A019790, A019800, A019824, A019846, A019856, A019871, A019876, A019882, A019892, A019946, A019976, A019981, A019986, A020002, A020039, A020053, A020055, A020057, A020070, A020075, A020168, A020172, A020202, A020221, A020222, A020223, A020236, A020237, A020264, A020273, A020279, A020280, A020294, A020298, A020311, A020318, A020319, A020350, A020356, A020387, A020421, A020454, A020462, A020471, A020475, A020486, A020491, A020508, A020512, A020548, A020558, A020566, A020600, A020608, A020617, A020627, A020651, A020678, A020681, A020692, A020733, A020740, A020741, A020742, A020756, A020757, A020758, A020763, A020790, A020795, A020797, A020829, A020830, A020831, A020832, A020833, A020834, A020835, A020836, A020839, A020853, A020859, A020869, A020872, A020879, A020888, A020889, A020912, A020920, A020921, A020922, A020926, A020927, A020944, A020951, A020974, A020981, A021001, A021031, A021033, A021044, A021045, A021046, A021069, A021091, A021108, A021109, A021113, A021146, A021152, A021193, A021226, A021242, A021256, A021266, A021271, A021282, A021294, A021305, A021320, A021358, A021373, A021374, A021384, A021399, A021400, A021401, A021407, A021408, A021409, A021425, A021427, A021429, A021431, A021437, A021444, A021445, A021447, A021455, A021469, A021473, A021475, A021490, A021509, A021510, A021525, A021542, A021569, A021571, A021572, A021573, A021583, A021612, A021616, A021617, A021619, A021660, A021671, A021673, A021674, A021676, A021677, A021690, A021714, A021722, A021728, A021743, A021744, A021748, A021752, A021762, A021773, A021774, A021775, A021776, A021777, A021778, A021779, A021784, A021792, A021806, A021828, A021835, A021837, A021841, A021867, A021868, A021872, A021873, A021874, A021876, A021884, A021886, A021892, A021902, A021915, A021921, A021922, A021928, A021929, A021931, A021934, A021948, A021954, A021962, A021971, A021978, A021985, A021986, A021993, A022008, A022014, A022020, A022053, A022054, A022057, A022065, A022071, A022073, A022099, A022114, A022120, A022121, A022136, A022151, A022165, A022166, A022172, A022175, A022181, A022207, A022215, A022218, A022219, A022223, A022245, A022250, A022271, A022283, A022307, A022308, A022320, A022321, A022338, A022349, A022384, A022396, A022406, A022413, A022431, A022434, A022435, A022436, A022437, A022443, A022447, A022459, A022464, A022467, A022490, A022521, A022522, A022524, A022552, A022566, A022575, A022599, A022605, A022608, A022609, A022612, A022618, A022638, A022646, A022647, A022650, A022655, A022661, A022668, A022669, A022684, A022708, A022712, A022715, A022731, A022742, A022745, A022762, A022771, A022779, A022784, A022785, A022790, A022791, A022808, A022810, A022811, A022812, A022813, A022821, A022854, A022855, A022857, A022862, A022863, A022879, A022888, A022890, A022895, A022900, A022912, A022913, A022914, A022915, A022917, A022918, A022919, A022920, A022921, A022922, A022926, A022927, A022942, A022947, A022954, A022957, A022962, A022963, A022980, A022981, A022989, A022990, A022991, A022997, A022999, A023001, A023003, A023008, A023012, A023013, A023014, A023022, A023030, A023047, A023073, A023079, A023080, A023083, A023084, A023085, A023096, A023099, A023105, A023108, A023118, A023126, A023130, A023149, A023153, A023157, A023195, A023197, A023202, A023207, A023215, A023223, A023224, A023234, A023241, A023250, A023256, A023260, A023261, A023268, A023269, A023278, A023283, A023284, A023287, A023291, A023305, A023311, A023312, A023325, A023330, A023334, A023342, A023357, A023360, A023361, A023368, A023369, A023371, A023392, A023394, A023396, A023404, A023407, A023421, A023430, A023443, A023452, A023453, A023455, A023463, A023466, A023467, A023472, A023481, A023482, A023485, A023491, A023493, A023504, A023509, A023523, A023528, A023529, A023530, A023540, A023544, A023557, A023562, A023576, A023577, A023585, A023598, A023616, A023625, A023694, A023695, A023696, A023720, A023728, A023734, A023742, A023753, A023806, A023838, A023842, A023843, A023844, A023857, A023869, A023873, A023877, A023880, A023881, A023888, A023890, A023894, A023902, A023906, A023921, A023929, A023932, A023936, A023944, A023948, A023954, A023955, A023971, A023973, A023982, A023983, A023988, A023997, A023999, A024003, A024008, A024011, A024013, A024021, A024023, A024028, A024030, A024033, A024042, A024043, A024044, A024046, A024050, A024052, A024057, A024058, A024059, A024070, A024071, A024074, A024076, A024079, A024083, A024093, A024102, A024105, A024117, A024125, A024126, A024129, A024140, A024147, A024148, A024168, A024173, A024183, A024192, A024196, A024202, A024204, A024216, A024219, A024222, A024226, A024234, A024235, A024236, A024267, A024268, A024274, A024283, A024288, A024298, A024299, A024302, A024307, A024309, A024313, A024314, A024315, A024317, A024330, A024341, A024342, A024348, A024353, A024355, A024362, A024373, A024375, A024376, A024385, A024393, A024394, A024399, A024407, A024416, A024427, A024431, A024436, A024437, A024443, A024455, A024462, A024464, A024472, A024477, A024478, A024482, A024487, A024497, A024498, A024503, A024512, A024520, A024525, A024526
Engine Type LJ LJ30105, LJ30106, LJ30138, LJ30840, LJ30841, LJ30842, LJ30843, LJ30844, LJ30845, LJ30846, LJ30847, LJ30848, LJ31217, LJ31229, LJ31231, LJ33438, LJ33459, LJ33467, LJ33474, LJ33475, LJ33476, LJ33494, LJ33497, LJ33518, LJ33539, LJ33578, LJ33583, LJ33590, LJ33603, LJ33613, LJ33614, LJ33619, LJ33633, LJ33638, LJ33644, LJ33645, LJ33646, LJ33657, LJ33658, LJ33661, LJ33664, LJ33677, LJ33684, LJ33685, LJ33693, LJ33695, LJ33698, LJ33713, LJ33714, LJ33715, LJ33716, LJ33718, LJ33719, LJ33725, LJ33726, LJ33727, LJ33728, LJ33734, LJ33735, LJ33736, LJ33741, LJ33751, LJ33752, LJ33758, LJ33766, LJ33767, LJ33768, LJ33769, LJ33770, LJ33777, LJ33779, LJ33796, LJ33802, LJ33803, LJ33809, LJ33815, LJ33818, LJ33827, LJ33828, LJ33829, LJ33836, LJ33837, LJ33839, LJ33842, LJ33847, LJ33848, LJ33849, LJ33850, LJ33852, LJ33853, LJ33854, LJ33859, LJ35066, LJ50079, LJ50079LX, LJ50117, LJ50182, LJ50183, LJ50183LX, LJ50194, LJ50198, LJ50201, LJ50211, LJ50223, LJ50224, LJ50227, LJ50230, LJ50231, LJ50231LX, LJ50244, LJ50252, LJ50272, LJ50274, LJ50308, LJ50309, LJ50373, LJ50506, LJ70128, LJ70153, LJ70166, LJ70167, LJ70168, LJ70170, LJ70187, LJ70332, LJ80192, LJ80193, LJ80194, LJ80197, LJ80200, LJ80232, LJ80270, LJ80273, LJ80273LX, LJ80296, LJ80302, LJ80317, LJ80335, LJ80335LX, LJ80337, LJ80354, LJ80367, LJ80381, LJ80382, LJ80392, LJ80393, LJ80395, LJ80395LX, LJ80404, LJ80415, LJ80429, LJ80460, LJ80472, LJ80487, LJ80607, LJ80995, LJ9A240
TeleHandlerRT60, RT50, RT50SA
Asphalt CompactorAP-800, AP-800B, 10 FT, 8 FT, WE-601B
Paving CompactorCP-433B, CS-431B, CS-433B
Wheel Excavator212
SN 1XF00001-UP, 5DC00001-UP, 1BF00001-00224, 1BF00225-UP, 1MG00001-UP, 1BF00225-UP, 4XG00001-UP, 7EC00001-UP
Angle α (compressor housing)180°
Angle β (turbine housing)108°
Bearing Housing430027-0022/430027-0025/430027-0029 (186879, 186881, 194230) (1100030450) $55.20 (Oil Cooled) NEW IN STOCK
Turbine Wheel451310-0006/451310-0003 (314647)(Ind. 65. mm, Exd. 48.5 mm, Tr 56, 11 Blades) (1100030438) $97.20 NEW IN STOCK
Comp. Wheel409096-0008/409096-0001 (197611, 103016-0000) (Ind. 60. mm, Exd. 40.5 mm, Trm 45, 6 Blades)(1100030401) $49.40 NEW IN STOCK
Back plate409629-0004/409629-0006/409629-0001 (197340) (1100030300) $27.00 NEW IN STOCK
Heat shield Number 409627-0000 (103121-0000, 311131) $14.80 NEW IN STOCK
Repair Kit468139-0000 (1100030750)(Dynamic) $69.50 NEW IN STOCK
Turbine Housing441295-0032 (311374)
Compressor Cover409115-0127 (311629)
Turbine Housing AR0.82
Gasket (turbine inlet)409039-0000 (2405022) (Stainless Steel) $13.52
Gasket oil inlet210023 (210023-0000, 147837, 210021, 215234, 55739, 3709737, 3500681, 3519762, 409266-0001, 409036-0000, 409026-0001, 52231586500)(1900000037) $4.48
Gasket (oil outlet)210021 (148062, 311496, 3519807, 413671-0000, 409037-0000)(1900000027) $3.32
NOTE2674398 Replaces 2674374, 2674374 Replaces 2674390, 2674390, 2674373
NOTEComplete replacement turbo. Internal parts not interchangeable
Substitute465778-5016S, 465778-0016


1982- Perkins Agricultural with T4.236 Engine

Core Charge

There is a $200.00 core charge which has been included in the price, it means if you DO NOT have or will not send us the original part, we will not refund the core charge. You will be charged at the time of purchase, and will be fully refunded once your old re-build able core is received.


This part comes with ONE YEAR unlimited mileage warranty.