2001-11 Man Industrial Industrial Engine, Off Highway (Locomotive) K33 Turbo 53339886722

Item# turbo-industrial-man-TC-53339886722
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Product Description

Part Number 53339886722
Previous versions5333-988-6722, 53339886729, 5333-988-6729
OE number 51.09100-7499, 51.09100-7563, 51.09100-7680, 51.09100-7681, 51.09100-7695, 51.09100-7717, 51091007499,51091007563, 51091007680, 51091007681, 51091007695, 51091007717
Description Industrial Engine Locomotive, Generator, Genset
Manufacturer Part Number53339706722, 53339716722, 53339726722, 53339746722, 53339756722, 53339756729, 53339746729, 53339716729, 53339706729
CHRA53337100034 (5333-710-0034)
Turbo ModelK33-4267OPAKB22.90GDAYK
EngineD2842LE601, D2842LE606, D2842LE601/606
Displacement 21.93L, 21930 ccm
KW 735/985/1000
Fuel Diesel
RPM 2300
Angle α (compressor housing) 14/225/305
Angle β (turbine housing)7/50/135
Bearing Housing 53311500019
Turbine Wheel53331205007 $1554.18
Comp. Wheel53361232215 $331.72
Back plate53311523001
Heat shield Number53311652002
Repair KitN/A
Turbine Housing (insulated)53311523001
Compressor Cover53361013009
Turbine Housing AR22
NOTEIntercooler; Right Side, Left Side
ManufacturerBorg Warner - 3K - Schwitzer


2001-11 Man Industrial Gen Set (Locomotive) with D2842LE620, D2842LE601/606 Engine

Core Charge

There is a $1000.00 core charge which has been included in the price, it means if you DO NOT have or will not send us the original part, we will not refund the core charge. You will be charged at the time of purchase, and will be fully refunded once your old re-build able core is received.


This part comes with ONE YEAR unlimited mileage warranty.