1999-02 Iveco Truck HX55V Turbo 3594557

Item# turbo-truck-iveco-TC-3594557
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Product Description

Part Number 3594557
Previous Version 3592100, 3593832
OE number504000453, 500370592, 500370592
Description Truck
Turbo Model HX55V
Manufacturer Part Number3592853, 3593946
Engine CURSOR 10
Engine Model F3AE0681E, F3AE0681H, F3AE0681D, F3AE0681B, F3AE3681A
RPM 10300
Angle α (compressor housing)270
Angle β (turbine housing) 270
Repair Kit4031455 (1154055751) $164.00 NEW IN STOCK
Gasket (turbine inlet) 210873 $25.00
Gasket 4031455 $129.86
Manufacturer HOLSET
Interchangeable with 4046943, unless specific changes


1999-02 IVECO EuroStar: 190E 39 190 E39/P, 190E39/FP, 260 E39Y, 260 E39Y/P, 260 E39Y/FP, 260 E 39Y/FS, 260 E43Y, 260 E 43Y/P, 440 E 39T, 440 E39T/P, 440 E39T/FP-CT, 440 E43T, 440 E43T/P, MP 440 E39TX/P Engine F3AE0681

1999-02 IVECO EuroStar: LD 440 E43TX/P, LD 440 E43T/P, LD 260 E43Y/PS, LD 260 E43FP, LD 190 E39P, LD 190 E39FP, LD 190 E43, LD 190 E43 P, LD 190 E43FP, LD 260 E39P, LD 260 E39FP, LD 440 E39T, LD 440 E39T/P Engine F3AE0681

2002- IVECO Stralis: AS 440S40, AS 440S43 Engine F3AE0681

2001- IVECO Euro Tech: MP 190 E43 190 E43/P, 190 E40/P, 260 E 40Y/P, 440 E40TX/P Engine F3AE0681

2000-02. IVECO EuroStar: LD 190 E40, LD 260 E40, LD 440 E40T, LD 440 E Engine F3AE0681

2000- IVECO Euro Tech: MP 440 E 40T Engine F3AE0681

2003- IVECO Stralis: AD 190S40, AT 190S40, AD 190S43, AT 190S43, AD 260S40, AT 260S40 Engine F3AE0681

2003- IVECO Stralis: AT 440S43, AS 190S40, AD 190S42, AT 190S42, AS 190S42, AD 260S42, AT 260S42, AD 190S45, AT 190S45, AS 190S45 Engine F3AE0681

2006- VECO Stralis: AD 260S45, AT 260S45, AS 440S42, AT 440S42, AS 260S40, AS 260S43, AD 260S42, AT 260S42, AS 260S42, AD 260S45, AT 260S45, AS 260S45, AT 440S42, AT 440S45, AD 440S40, AT 440S40, AT 440S43 Engine F3AE0681

1999- IVECO EuroStar: LD 440 E39TX, LD 440 E 39TX/P Engine F3AE0681

1999- IVECO Euro Tech: MP 440 E43TX/P Engine

2002- IVECO Stralis: AS 440S40 Engine F3AE0681

2002- IVECO Euro Tech: MP 4300 Engine F3AE0681

Core Charge

There is a $500.00 core charge which has been included in the price, it means if you DO NOT have or will not send us the original part, we will not refund the core charge. You will be charged at the time of purchase, and will be fully refunded once your old re-build able core is received.


This part comes with ONE YEAR unlimited mileage warranty.