1990-98 Isuzu, Opel, Vauxhall RHB4BW Turbo VA120018 VIAV

Item# turbo-car-isuzu-TC-VA120018
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Product Description

Part NumberVA120018
OE number8970883981, 89708-83981, 8-9708-839-81
DescriptionOpel, Vauxhall Astra, Vectra, Cavalier, suzu
CHRAVA840011 (1000040147) $350.00 NEW IN STOCK
Turbo ModelRHB4BW-46001BP11NRBRDL343CBZ
Engine 4EE1-TC, 17 DT (TC4EE1), X 17 DT (TC4EE1)
Angle α (compressor housing)10
Angle β (turbine housing)7
Bearing HousingNB142012 (Water-Cooled)(1900011336) NEW IN STOCK
Turbine WheelNB141211 (NB141201)(Ind. 46. mm, Exd. 47.5 mm, Trm 4.7, 9 Blades)(1100016319) NEW IN STOCK
Comp. WheelNB144001 (NB144002)(Ind. 34. mm, Exd. 60. mm, 4+4 Blades, Superback)(1200016453) $129.60 NEW IN STOCK
Back plateNN133021 (64T-002)(1800016033) $34.50 NEW IN STOCK
Heat shield NumberNB145101 (2030016139) NEW IN STOCK
Repair KitNH149801 (5000080119) NEW IN STOCK
Turbine Housing NB149003
Compressor CoverNB143304
Turbine Housing AR11
Settings Waste gate adjustment (pressure)1.241 bar
Settings Waste gate (lift shaft2.00 mm
Gasket (turbine inlet)210385 (2445130)(Stainless Steel) $14.00
Gasket (turbine outlet)210393 (2445136)(Inox Steel)
Gasket (oil outlet)210243 (Paper) $4.40
Gasket (water inlet and outlet)210266 (1203715)(Paper) $4.40


1992-98 Opel/Vauxhall Astra with 17DT (TC4EE1)/X17DT (TC4EE1) Engine

1996-97 Opel/Vauxhall Vectra with X17DT (TC4EE1) Engine

1995-98 Opel, Vauxhall Vectra with X17DT (TC4EE1) Engine

1990-95 Opel, Vauxhall Vectra with 17DT (TC4EE1)/X17DT (TC4EE1) Engine

1991-98 Opel, Vauxhall Astra with 17DT (TC4EE1)/X17DT (TC4EE1) Engine

1991-98 Opel, Vauxhall Astra with 17DT (TC4EE1) Engine

1988-95 Opel, Vauxhall Cavalier with 17DT (TC4EE1) Engine

Isuzu with 4EE1-TC Engine

Core Charge

There is a $100.00 core charge which has been included in the price, it means if you DO NOT have or will not send us the original part, we will not refund the core charge. You will be charged at the time of purchase, and will be fully refunded once your old re-build able core is received.


This part comes with ONE YEAR unlimited mileage warranty.