Caterpillar Earth Moving T0605 Turbo 404250-0006

Caterpillar Earth Moving T0605 Turbo 404250-0006
Item# turbo-earth-moving-cat-TC-4042500006
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Product Description

Part Number404250-5006S
Previous Part Number 402440-0001, 402440-0002, 402440-0003, 402440-0004, 402440-0005, 402440-0006, 404250-0001, 404250-0002, 404250-0003, 404250-0004, 404250-0005, 404250-0006
OE number7M9731, 7M-9731, 7S0578, 7S-0578, 3S5859, 3S-5859, 3S5855, 3S5856, 5S1809, 5S9141, 5S9142, 4M9120
Description Earth Moving 922A/922B-Traxcavator, D4C/D4D-Tractor, D4C-Tractor, 922A/922B-Traxcavator, 922A/922B
CHRA407043-0001 (407043-9001, 404332-0000)(321374R92, 627915C92, 627916C91, 321382R91, 8S3128, 3S5859, 5S9147, 0R5900) $1146.45 NEW IN STOCK
Turbo Model T0604, T0605
Engine D320A
Engine ModelD320A/D330A-Industrial, D330A-Marine, D311, D320A/D311
Fuel Diesel
NSN 2950-00-122-3931, 2950001223931
S/N 63B2931, 63B01802-UP
Bearing Housing407032-0000 (407032, 5S9143)(Oil Cooled) $635.48 NEW IN STOCK
Turbine Wheel407039-0000 (5S9144)(Ind. 86.41 mm, Exd. 56.32 mm, 12 Blades) $557.66 NEW IN STOCK
Comp. Wheel402155-0000 (4S6438, 324255R1)(Ind. 42.40 mm, Exd. 88.55 mm, 6+6 Blades, Flatback) $442.08 NEW IN STOCK
Back plate404233-0000 (311888, 408975-0001, 444834-0000, 321377R1) (7M9882) $220.24 NEW IN STOCK
Collar,Thurst406499-0003 (311888, 444834-0000, 444834-0002, 404470-0000)(615374C1, 619467C1, 9M8911, 5S3403) $39.47 NEW IN STOCK
Repair Kit468117-0000 $211.00 NEW IN STOCK
Journal Bearing406702-0000 (5M9669, 4S5334, 615841C1) (1100040100) $17.41 NEW IN STOCK
Washer (bearing)406698-0000 (5S5335, 4S5335) $6.97 NEW IN STOCK
Retaining Ring400227-0000 (5M9670, 319972R1)(1100040140) $1.67 NEW IN STOCK
Piston Ring (turbine side)(104032)403818-0010 (9M8919) $6.48 NEW IN STOCK
Piston Ring (Comp)403818-0047 (5S9145)(1100045170) $19.95 NEW IN STOCK
Thrust Spacer408768-0002 (404042-0000)(324256R1)(1100180221) NEW IN STOCK
Turbine Housing402415-0001 (4M9120) $823.84
Compressor Cover402297-0000 (5M3151)
Turbine Housing AR0.57
Gasket (Cover bearings)402368-0000 $18.42
Gasket (turbine inlet)2M6798
Gasket oil inlet (8B8325) $4.48
Gasket (oil outlet) (1S4810) $3.32
Replaced by404250-5006S

Replaces 404250-0001 404250-0002 404250-0003 404250-0004 404250-0005 404250-0007 404250-0008


Caterpillar 922A/922B-Traxcavator, D4C/D4D-Tractor with D320A/D330A-Industrial, D330A-Marine, D311 Engine

Caterpillar D4C-Tractor, 922A/922B-Traxcavator with D320A Engine

Caterpillar 922A/922B with D320A Engine

Core Charge

There is a $300.00 core charge which has been included in the price, it means if you DO NOT have or will not send us the original part, we will not refund the core charge. You will be charged at the time of purchase, and will be fully refunded once your old re-build able core is received.


This part comes with ONE YEAR unlimited mileage warranty.