Caterpillar Earth Moving 4HD-755 Turbo 155549

Item# turbo-earth-moving-cat-TC-155549
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Product Description

Part Number 155549
OE number2P1780, 3S4439
DescriptionIndustrial, Marine Engine Earth Moving
CHRA310114 (157701, 157701R, 178140, 0R5882, 4N4040, 1P7743, 2S1300, 3S1301, 478140) $1158.62 NEW IN STOCK
Turbo Model4HD-755, 4HD755
Engine D353D
Equip 146992
Industrial EngineG353D, G379, G379A, G398, D353C, D353D, D353E, D379, D379B, D398
Marine EngineD353C, D353D, D353E
Serial No.47B2709, 2710, 2716 to 2718 and 47B2721 to 47B2941 inclusive, 47B2942-Up, 47B2942-Up, 47B2709, 2710, 2716 to 2718 and 47B2721 to 47B2941 inclusive, 73B1 to 73B92 and 73B94 to 73B105 inclusive, 64B1 TO 64B64, 64B66 TO 64B68, 64B70 TO 64B74, 64B76, 64B77, 64B80 TO 64B83, 64B85 TO 64B87, 64B89 TO 64B94, 64B96 TO 64B108, 64B110 AND 64B113 inclusive, 47B00409-UP, 46B01558-UP, 66B02049-03560, 66B03561-UP
Bearing Housing137568 (0R5399, 2S1309, 4N4042, 9M9929)(Oil Cooled) $418.99 NEW IN STOCK
Turbine Wheel159750 (0R5389, 2S1530, 9M9933)(Ind. 93.2 mm, Exd. 112/113.2 mm, Trm 16.85, 13 Blades) $421.19 NEW IN STOCK
Comp. Wheel140886 (2S1302)(Ind. 73.7 mm, Exd. 111.2 mm, Trm 6.43, 6+6 Blades, Superback) $377.83 NEW IN STOCK
Back plate139053 (2S1305) $73.38 NEW IN STOCK
Repair Kit318357 (318350, 183216, 311603)(1250404751, 1250404753) $119.88 NEW IN STOCK
Nozzle Ring139902 (9M9928) $409.00 NEW IN STOCK
SHIM .127 mm(.005 in.) thick 8M7167 $6.29
SHIM .127 mm(.005 in.) thick 8M7168 $6.29
SHIM .254 mm(.010 in.) thick 8M7169 $6.29
Turbine Housing181932 (0R5412, 6N8453, 2S1299, 9S1517) $627.44
Compressor Cover140998 (2S1298, 8S4048) $561.16
Gasket (turbine inlet)409038-0000 (210017-0000, 210087-0000, 132040, 3500683, 202873, 205396, 9749, 1S4295, 7M7273)(Inox Steel)(1900000003) $13.20
Gasket oil inlet129119 (201049, 9737, 1S6595, 210019-0000, 409266-0003, 3819900, 52231586500, 129120)(1900000035) $4.38
Gasket (oil outlet)210018 (129120, 210018-0000, 409267-0002, 3709738, 3500682, 201048, 1S4810, 9988, 9738, 3519763)(Paper)(1900000025) $4.38
Replaced by6N9491
ManufacturerBorg Warner - 3K - Schwitzer


Caterpillar Industrial, Marine Engine with D353D Engine

Core Charge

There is a $500.00 core charge which has been included in the price, it means if you DO NOT have or will not send us the original part, we will not refund the core charge. You will be charged at the time of purchase, and will be fully refunded once your old re-build able core is received.


This part comes with ONE YEAR unlimited mileage warranty.