Alternators/Generators & Parts

Alternators/Generators & Parts


An alternator is an electromechanical device that converts mechanical energy to alternating current electrical energy.

Alternators are used in automobiles to charge the battery and to power a car's electric system when its engine is running.


An alternator is very efficient at producing a constant, high voltage, even when the car is idle, because of how it works. The belt (from the crankshaft) connects to a pulley system, called the rotor, such that when the belt is turning, it moves magnets across a special surface, called a conductor. Moving magnets, in the stator, generate an electrostatic field, otherwise known as electricity. This alternating current is controlled by a voltage regulator to keep the voltage steady. Another part, called the diodes, convert alternating current into direct current that flows on to the battery and other components.

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