2006-11 Mercury Marine Supercharger 898096A03

2006-11 Mercury Marine Supercharger 898096A03
Item# supercharger-mercury-marine-SC-898096A03
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Product Description

Part Number 898096A03
Previous Version 898096A02
Year 2006-11
DescriptionMercury, Mercruiser Verado Supercharger
Displacement 6 CYL, 4-STROKE
KW275 HP
Model 7275V23UD
INLET DUCT 888947A05
Listed New $4,133.81
Condition Rebuilt


Mercury Marine Outboard Verado

2006- Mercury Marine:

1200V13ED, 1200V13ER, 1200V23ED, 1200V23ER, 1200V24ED, 1200V23ER, 1275V13ER, 1275V23ED, 1275V23ER, 7200V13ID, 7200V13IR, 7200V23ID, 7200V23IR, 7200V24IR, 7225V13ID, 7225V13IR, 7225V23ID, 7225V23IR, 7225V24ID, 7225V24IR, 7250V13ID, 7250V13IR, 7275V23ID, 7275V23IR, 7275V24ID, 7275V24IR, 7300V23ID, 7300V23IR, 7300V24ID, 7300V23IR

2007- Mercury Marine:

1200V13EF, 1200V23EB, 1200V23EF, 1200V24EB, 1200V24EF, 1225V13EB, 1225V13ED, 1225V13EF, 1225V13ER, 1225V23EB, 1225V23ED, 1225V23EF, 1225V23ER, 1225V24EB, 1225V24ED, 1225V24EF, 1225V24ER, 1225V33EB, 1225V33EB, 1225V33ED, 1225V33EF, 1225V33ER, 1225V34EB, 1225V34ED, 1225V34EF, 1225V34ER, 1250V13EB, 1250V13ED, 1250V13EF, 1250V13ER, 1250V23EB, 1250V23ED, 1250V23EF, 1250V23ER, 1250V24EB, 1250V24ED, 1250V24EF, 1250V24ER, 1250V33EB, 1250V33ED, 1250V33EF, 1250V33ER, 1250V34EB, 1250V34ED, 1250V34EF, 1250V34ER, 1275V13EB, 1275V13ED, 1275V13EF, 1275V23EB, 1275V23EF, 1275V24EB, 1275V24ED, 1275V24EF, 1275V24ER, 1275V33EB, 1275V33EB, 1275V33ED, 1275V33EF, 1275V34EB, 1275V34ED, 1275V34EF, 1300V13EB, 1300V13ED, 1300V13EF, 1300V13ER, 1300V14ED, 1300V23EB, 1300V23ED, 1300V23EF, 1300V23ER, 1300V24EB, 1300V24ED, 1300V24EF, 1300V24ER, 1300V33EB, 1300V33ED, 1300V33EF, 1300V34EB, 1300V34ED, 1300V34EF, 7200V13IB, 7200V23IB, 7200V24IB, 7225V13IB, 7225V23IB, 7225V24IB, 7250V23IB, 7250V24IB, 7250V23ID, 7250V23IR, 7275V23IB, 7275V24IB, 7300V23IB, 7300V24IB

2010- Mercury Marine:

1251V13ED, 1251V23ED

2011- Mercury Marine:

1225V23KD, 1225V33KD, 1300V34KD, 1301v23KD, 1301V33KD, 1225V24KD, 1225V34KD, 1301V34KD, 1301V13KD, 1300V13KD, 1301V14KD, 1300V24KD, 1301V24KD, 1250V24KD, 1300V33KD, 1300V14KD, 1250V33KD, 1300V23KD, 1250V34KD, 1302V23ED, 1251V13ED, 1251V23ED, 1302V13ED

Core Charge

There is a $500.00 core charge which has been included in the price, it means if you DO NOT have or will not send us the original part, we will not refund the core charge. You will be charged at the time of purchase, and will be fully refunded once your old re-build able core is received.


This part comes with ONE YEAR unlimited mileage warranty.