1973- Caterpillar Earth Moving T04B91 Turbo 409410-0006

1973-  Caterpillar Earth Moving T04B91 Turbo 409410-0006
Item# turbo-earth-moving-cat-TC-4094100006
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Product Description

Part Number409410--5006S
Previous Version409410-0004, 409410-0005, 409410-0007, 409410-0008, 409410-0010, 409410-0012, 409410-4, 409410-5, 409410-7, 409410-8, 409410-10, 409410-12, 409410-5006S , 409410-5004S, 409410-5005S, 409410-5007S, 409410-5008S, 409410-5010S, 409410-5012S
OE number7N4651, 4N6858, 4N6859, OR5796, 7N1709, 7N2342, 1W5160, 2W8139, 7C2175, 0R5796
DescriptionEarth Moving
CHRA408077-0102 (408077-5102S, 4N6860, 4N4780, 0R5888) $313.04 NEW IN STOCK, MADE IN USA
Turbo ModelT04B91
Prefix 2195CF
Prefix 22576U
Prefix 2291AG
Prefix 518 50S, 55U, 94U, 95U
Prefix 93633Z, 45Z, 4SB
Prefix 95081J
Prefix 96306Z, 11Z, 18Z, 21Z, 29S, 48Z
Prefix 330404B, 10E, 3TC, 4XB, 6YB, 83Z
Prefix 120G11W, 4HD, 87V
Prefix 130G12W, 74V, 7GB
Prefix 215B 4FC, 9YB
Prefix 215C4HG
Prefix 215D9TF
Prefix 219D5XG
Prefix 225B2ZD, 3YD
Prefix 225D6RG
Prefix 3304B 10E, 1YF, 3TC, 4XB, 83Z, 9HK, 64Z
Prefix 518C1CL, 9HJ
Prefix 561H6NL
Prefix 930R, 930T17B, 57Z
Prefix 936E33Z, 45Z, 4SB, 4TK, 8AJ, 9MK
Prefix 950B, 950E22Z, 31R, 63R, 65R
Prefix CB-534 2EG
Prefix D330C04B
Prefix D4E29X, 2CB, 2DJ, 76W, 77W, 7PB
Prefix D4H4NK, 7PK, 8PJ, 9GJ
Prefix D5H1DD, 1YD, 2SD, 3MD, 4KD, 7EG, 7NC, 8RC, 8RJ, 9HC
Prefix E2401FG
Prefix FB5188ZC
Prefix G9363HD, 4ND, 8ED
Prefix IT28B1HF, 5SD
Prefix9GD, 9HD, 9JD, 9KD, 9LD, 9MD, 9ND, 9PD, 9RD, 9WD, 9XD, 9YD, 9ZD, MGC, 1EG, 1NG, 1PG, 99Z, 9BD, 9CD, 9DD, 9ED, 9FD
Fitted To Model 35146 DITAJWAC GS
Engine3304, 3304DIT, 3304-Industrial, 3304T DITAJWAC GS
Displacement7.0L, 7000 ccm, 4 Cylinders
KW 127
Paving CompactorCP-643, CP-653, CS-643, CS-653
Machine Engine3304
Generator Set Engine3304, 3304B, SR4
Excavator215, 215B, 215C, 215D, 219, 219D, 225, 225B, 225D, 229, E240, EL240
Industrial EngineSR4, 3304, 3304B, D330C
Motor Grader120G, 130G, 12G, 130G, 140G
Track-type SkidderD4HTSK III, D5HTSK II, 54H
Track-type Loader963, 963
Track-type Tractor4S, 5A, 5P, 5S, 140, 141, 143, 5, D4E, D4H, D4H III, D4H XL, D5H, D5H XL, 55
Wheel-type SkidderFB518, 518, 518C
Wheel-Type Loader936, 936E, 936F, 950B, 950B/950E, 950E, G936
Angle α (compressor housing)150
Angle β (turbine housing)15
Bearing Housing 430027-0051 (186880, 186882, 407285-0018, 430027-0031, 430027-0035) $69.00 NEW IN STOCK
Turbine Wheel451309-0003 (407276-0006, 407276-0019, 410188-0003, 410188-0006, 410188-0037, 446905-0002, 446905-0005, 446905-0007, 446905-0010, 451309-0004)(33164101883)(Ind. 74. mm, Exd. 64.61 mm, 11 Blades) $144.50 NEW IN STOCK
Comp. Wheel409179-0018 (104220-0000)(331640917918)(Ind. 48.38 mm, Exd. 70. mm, 6+6 Blades, Flatback W. Extended Hub type) $49.00 NEW IN STOCK
Back plate408045-0051 (311708, 408045-0034, 408045-0035)(331640804534) $24.40 NEW IN STOCK
Heat shield Number409299-0001 (409299-0000, 407565-0000)(3316407565) $15.70 NEW IN STOCK
Repair Kit468100-0000 (3524796, 310063, 188401-0000)(6N7236, 2W0716)(1100040750) $69.60 NEW IN STOCK
Turbine Housing 408667-0022 (7N1687) $384.49
Compressor Cover 408173-0008 (4N6862) $460.62 NEW IN STOCK
Turbine Housing AR1.52
Gasket (turbine inlet)409039-0000 (2475017, 2485001, 409039-0001, 210019, 312617, 2405022, 7C7431)(1900000006)(Inox Steel) $13.52
Gasket (turbine outlet)409196-0001 (210226)(Stainless Steel) $29.00
Gasket oil inlet210023 (210023-0000, 147837, 215234, 55739, 3709737, 3500681, 3519762, 409266-0001, 409036-0000, 409026-0001, 52231586500)(1900000037)(Paper) $4.48
Gasket (oil outlet)210021 (210021-0000, 409037-0000, 413671-0000, 3519807, 311496)(1900000027)(Paper) $3.32


1973- Caterpillar 963, 950B with 3304-Industrial, 3304T DITAJWAC GSS Engine

1973- Caterpillar 120G-Grader with 3304-Industrial, 3304T DITAJWAC GSS Engine

1973- Caterpillar Generating Set with 35146 DITAJWAC GS Engine

Core Charge

There is a $100.00 core charge which has been included in the price, it means if you DO NOT have or will not send us the original part, we will not refund the core charge. You will be charged at the time of purchase, and will be fully refunded once your old re-build able core is received.


This part comes with ONE YEAR unlimited mileage warranty.